November 5, 2013

Today’s post is going to be about a very special project – started exactly one year ago – which is probably one of the most important ones during our fashion adventure.

As you all know, our main career focus is the creation of our online boutique named “”, however at some point we felt that we needed to create a “physical” store located in the heart of Athens that would  reflect our personality & inspiration.

Moreover it would be a place where we could meet our beloved customers & followers “offline” giving us the opportunity for personal contact with them & some honest styling advise for the ones who seek it.

Last but not least, it would be the perfect place for you to have a closer look to our garments available online and our upcoming collections.

To us the creation of our “” Concept Boutique at Tsakalof 16, is something much bigger than just a flagship store or a showroom.

It is our home.

We had loads of fun while collecting these “start-up” pics from here and there, while we have to admit we got a bit emotional, therefore we felt the need to share these moments with you guys.





Find yourself an inspiring mountain top somewhere around Athens & do some contemplation – just to get the plan clear into your head.


securedownload (18)


Grab your Balenciaga bag & mingle around Athens  flea market – always acting like a very busy business woman.


vintage stuff


Do a market research & check out some really amazing vintage stuff that will fit in your aesthetics.


mari vintage research

 STEP 4:

During your market research, chose only  the coolest vintage gadgets that will match your style.


princess antonia


Make sure to pick the perfect princess chair.


securedownload (15)


Chose a strategic location & and pre-announce your opening.


557196_4578325185057_645098050_n (1)

 STEP 7:

Buy some huge structural stuff that won’t fit in your car.

(Don’t worry, you will definitely find a way to carry them home).


securedownload (14)


Get an architect & have the place’s “make-over” procedure started.


securedownload (19)


Once the construction work is over clean the place up.



 STEP 10:

Give yourself a little rest & time to think.


securedownload (24)

STEP 11:

Hang a black, shiny, classy label outside the entrance. car

 STEP 12:

Brand you car – (unless you are a terrible driver, a.k.a. Mari)


securedownload (6)

 STEP 13:

Get yourself a glamorous sparkly skull head & claim it was a gift from Alexander McQueen himself.


securedownload (10)

STEP 14:

Place your lifetime ‘moto” made out of neon letters on your wall.



STEP 15:

Have some cool pictures framed all around the place.



STEP 16:

Have a fairytale style mirror placed on your wall – just to remind you how awesome you are every day.


concept boutique

STEP 17:

Print some business cards & place them right next to “Alexander McQueen” skull head…



STEP 18:

Get a fluffy mascot.


securedownload (8)



securedownload (7)

STEP 19:

Fill the place in with the most amazing stuff including clothes, accessories, bags & limited edition high heels.



STEP 20:

Make sure you always have delicious candy available all around the place.


styling clothes


STEP 21:

Create your own personally designed line of clothing and have it on display while make sure to do some “Mix ‘n Match” experimenting with different kinds of styling ideas & combinations.


securedownload (26)

STEP 22:

Organize an awesome opening event.


mari & antonia

STEP 23:

Look fabulous & throw that awesome opening event we just mentioned.


securedownload (23)

STEP 24:

Be happy & plan your future ideas. love

STEP 25:

Spread the love all around and always remember that… “sky is the limit“.


Thank you everyone for your love and support so far guys.

It has been an amazing lifetime experience so far and the best is yet to come.


Sending you all our love through our hearts.


Antonia & Mari


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